LAN Area

Enjoy one of the biggest LAN Parties in Spain where the concerts, the lights, the people you’ll meet and all the different activities will make you have the time of your life.

This year DreamHack Valencia´s LAN will welcome more than 3000 participants. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come to Valencia and enjoy four days full of activities, competitions, raffles and music!

LAN Tournaments

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Packing for LAN

If you are going to spend four days in our LAN Area, you should know what you will need once you get there. We have made this list for you so you do not forget anything. Check carefully if everything is packed!

You cannot imagine how easily important things can be forgotten!

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Are you a minor?

If you are a minor and you want to attend the LAN party at DreamHack Valencia, its tournaments and the finals of DreamHack Open Valencia 2017, you will need written authorization from your parents.

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The LAN area will be open from 8am on July 13th to 2pm on the July 16th