If you are a professional in the field of communication, you can request your advance accreditation by contacting [email protected] before July 4.  you must provide the following data:

In relation to the environment:

The name of the magazine and the publishing house. In case of an online media, the URL of the home and the Publisher (if applicable)

Full address (address, postal code, country, province, population)

Web (in case of be a half online, indicate it only if differs from the of the web to which are represents)

In relation to the journalist/photographer for which accreditation is sought:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Email
  • Phone

As accredited Reporter:

  • Receive our press releases;
  • You will be invited to the calls for press conferences that we carry out; and,
  • You will receive your personalized press pass, without the need to queue in advance
  • You will receive the press kit ahead of time (by mail).The Organization reserves the right to request documentation that you identify or credit as a professional journalism.


Important: for Youtubers, this year we are going to grant them passes of press with these requirements:

-Between 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers: will give you a pass only to the Thursday, July 13

–More than 100,000 subscribers: you’ll have the whole event press pass

Yet DreamHack Valencia 2017 reserves the right to deny the press pass to a channel if your main subject is not gaming, or the reason that creates convenient